About Us

Joni and Keith's Story 
We have been in bussiness for over 8 years, but the roots of the company had been building years in advance. When my brother, Keith, and I were just learning to walk, our parents had already started encouraging us to create. Everyone knew we had reached the peak in our home design when our last playhouse was a sturdy 2-story with over 200 square feet of space and running water. In our early teens we started making things and selling them to local stores for resale. 

Our business continued all through highschool and into college. While attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, we both graduated in 2 years with bachelor degrees in business administration. So here we are and our family business is continuing to thrive! We always come up with new product ideas and new ways to increase production. Its amazing how far we have come by working together. 

I know if it wasn't for the Good Lord and our parents, we wouldn't be where we are today!